Careers at EZ Funnels

EZ Funnels has been growing consistently since it started! You may apply through the form below:

Funnel Builder Specialist: Responsible for creating and optimizing sales funnels to maximize conversion rates and drive revenue. Requires expertise in funnel software and knowledge of marketing automation.

Copywriter: Tasked with writing persuasive and compelling copy for landing pages, email sequences, and sales funnels. Highly skilled in crafting engaging content that drives conversions.

Funnel Designer: Responsible for designing visually appealing and user-friendly sales funnels. Proficient in graphic design tools and experienced in creating captivating funnel layouts.

Data Analyst: Analyzes data and metrics related to sales funnels to identify optimization opportunities. Responsible for tracking and reporting on key funnel performance indicators to improve conversion rates.

Funnel Strategist: Develops strategic plans and roadmaps for sales funnels. Works closely with marketing teams to align funnels with business objectives and target audience needs.

Developer: Designs and implements customized sales funnels using funnel builder software and coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Skilled in troubleshooting and debugging funnel issues.

You may send you application at or through the application form.