AccurateCustomer Attribution

Customer attribution is important in funnel marketing as it provides insights into the effectiveness of marketing channels and touchpoints, enabling marketers to allocate resources efficiently, optimize marketing efforts, identify high-performing channels, understand the customer journey, and improve customer targeting.

 It helps make data-driven decisions, refine strategies, and maximize conversions by measuring the impact and value of each marketing effort throughout the funnel. EZ Funnels ensures that the customer data are accurate in order to make calculated and data-driven decisions.

Customer Behavior You Need To Check

Page Activity

By analysing the page activity per contact is very important because it provides valuable insights about how your contacts made an interaction with your contents, landing pages, call to action buttons, or the website specific page. Page activity refers to tracking and recording the actions and behaviors of your contacts when they visit your webpages. With this, you can assess whether you need to improve the aspects of your pages such as the contents, designs, graphics, buttons among other things.


Purchase activities of your contacts  are important because it provides crucial information about your contacts’ buying behavior and helps you tailor your marketing strategies more effectively. Purchase activity data provides a wealth of insights that can guide your marketing, sales, and customer relationship strategies. Also, this data will help you more as to what products you’ll need to up sell to the specific customer or segment.


Understanding which funnels your customers have visited is important because it offers valuable insights into their interests, behaviors, and potential buying intent. It empowers you to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, sales approaches, and content creation, ultimately leading to higher engagement and improved conversion rates.


Understanding a customer’s acquired membership allows you to tailor your communication and interactions. You can provide content and offers that are directly relevant to their membership level and interests. More importantly, you can make exclusive offers to the customer based on their membership type, or products that they have access to.


Understanding which webinars your customers have joined enables you to create a more targeted, engaging, and personalized experience. It empowers you to align your marketing efforts with their interests, nurture leads effectively, and build stronger relationships with your audience.

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Customer Attribution

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