EZ Funnels provides a easy configuration feature that simplifies the process of funnel set up, design, putting together the funnel elements, and integration with 3rd party tools. Instead of manually setting up each step or element of the funnel, users can easily connect them together with a single click.

Build Your Funnel With Ease

EZ Funnels helps you realizevyour business ideas and concepts through its easy configuration function wherein you are provided with tools such as the niche specific templates and funnel elements. Whether your goal is to sell a product or a service, EZ Funnels has if for you. Additionally, EZ Funnels built in tools will help you configure the path that you intend to create based on your prospective market. It provides tools and integration crucial for your sales process to function accordingly.

EZ Funnels eliminates the need for extensive research to find the right template for your business. With EZ Funnels, configuring your pages and ensuring audience engagement is made easy. The templates provided are specifically optimized based on the needs of your niche, giving you a head start in creating effective and visually appealing pages. By leveraging these optimized templates, you can confidently guide your audience to take actions that will ultimately lead to conversions and the acquisition of paying clients or customers. EZ Funnels simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the added hassle of template selection and customization.

The tools and templates provided by EZ Funnels, along with a wide range of funnel design elements, offer an easy and efficient way to configure your business. The effortless one-click integration allows seamless connectivity with various platforms, while the optimized sales stages ensure a smooth customer journey, maximizing your chances of success. With EZ Funnels, you can feel confident that your business is equipped to thrive in the online landscape.

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Modern Templates

Expertly crafted pre-designed templates

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Increase the average order value

Engaging Funnels

Engage attention at each funnel stage

Responsive Video Player

Optimal viewing experience for users

Easy Configuration

EZ Funnels provides a one-click connection.

All Files in Once Place

Ease of access toย centralized files

Automated Webinar

Simulate a live webinar experience

Exclusive Members Area

Create and manage a members-only content


Optimized and strategic sales funnels

Customer Attribution

Optimized marketing need accurate data

Tracking and Monitoring

Leverage analytics and tracking techniques

Actionable Insight

Enhance performance and drive conversions

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