An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that is designed to simulate a live webinar experience, and is the key to scaling your business. It is set up in a way that allows viewers to watch and interact with the content as if it were a live event, even though it is actually a pre-recorded presentation.

This eliminates the need for a live presenter to be present each time the webinar is conducted, making it a time-efficient solution. Additionally, automated webinars provide scalability as they can reach a larger audience while requiring minimal manual effort. They can be used for educational purposes, product demonstrations, sales presentations, and more. With this feature of EZ Funnels, businesses can effectively deliver their message, generate leads, and engage with their audience without the constraints of live scheduling.

Types of Webinars

Single Webinar

A single webinar refers to a specific online event or presentation that is hosted on the internet for an audience to attend virtually where a presenter or a group of presenters usually deliver a live presentation using various multimedia tools such as slides, videos, audio, and interactive features. Participants can join the webinar from their computers, tablets, or smartphones by accessing a designated online platform. They can listen to the presentation, ask questions, participate in polls, and engage in discussions through text-based chat or other interactive features provided by the webinar platform.

Webinar Room

A webinar room, also known as a virtual webinar space, is an online environment where a webinar takes place. It’s a digital platform that enables presenters to deliver live presentations, interact with the audience, share multimedia content, and engage in discussions, all in a virtual setting. Webinar rooms are designed to mimic the experience of an in-person seminar or presentation, but they are conducted entirely over the internet.

Create an Offer

Creating an offer within a webinar is a strategic approach to engaging your audience and potentially converting them into customers. An offer is a special deal, product, service, or opportunity that you present to your webinar attendees during or after the presentation. By thoughtfully creating and presenting an offer within your webinar, you can capitalize on the engaged audience and turn attendees into customers. Just remember to focus on providing value, addressing concerns, and making the offer as appealing as possible.

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Modern Templates

Expertly crafted pre-designed templates

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Increase the average order value

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Engage attention at each funnel stage

Responsive Video Player

Optimal viewing experience for users

Easy Configuration

EZ Funnels provides a one-click connection.

All Files in Once Place

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Automated Webinar

Simulate a live webinar experience

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Optimized and strategic sales funnels

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Optimized marketing need accurate data

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Leverage analytics and tracking techniques

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